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From the mountain ranges of the Philippine Cordilleras they spread like wildfire to find a new life away from the mud and murk of the mountain life their forbears had been in for generations. They pushed and shoved themselves with others from the lowland communities amidst the hustle and bustle of city life and cramp accommodations of the mining campsites throughout the archipelago.

The more adventurous, risk-takers, and fortunate few branched out to the worlds extremes. Some found the British Isles.

This is their website.

Igorot UK Memberlist

Chairman Robert Balagtey
Members Ursula Baido
Paul Berto
Jocelyn Moreno
President Ursula Baido
Vice President Rolly Carpio
Secretaries Grace Nabus
Xaverine Fiar-od Valentin
Treasurers Janelle Gawigawen
Mildred Ngaloy
Auditors Orville Calixto
Joan Padong
P.R.O.s Fely Ananayo
Jeanette 'Bassig' Daoay Vaughan
Leonora Alonso
Business Managers Mia Moreno
Freddie Castro
Jose Immatong
Sergeant-at-Arms Dora Berto
Alona Estud
Damien Vaughan
Past Presidents and Advisers Richard Stone Pooten
Edmund Bugnosen
Conchita Balagtey Pooten
Linda Kensay
William Solang
Robert Balagtey
Note: Anyone who would like to become a member feel free to contact us.

Interesting Links

IGOROT UK RENDEZVOUS – “This is a mailing list of Cordillerans from the Philippines residing at present in the UK. It is a forum for anyone else who has interest in getting acquainted with fellow “kakailians” via the internet.”

BIBAKNETS – “The bibaknets is the largest gathering place in cyberspace for every BIBBAKA/Igorot/Cordillera netizen, by birth, affinity or even just for the love of being associated with the names…”

Note: Members who would lke to add links to their own website or would like to add any interesting and informative sites can email the webmaster about it and it will be added to this page. Thanks.

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